Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ormus Gold Water

Artesian Spirit Water is an enchanted, special brew. It comes from a place deep within. It will take you to places you have never been and to places you have always wanted to go. It's a combination of monoatomic elements and the incredibly powerful vibrational properties of precious gemstones. Artesian Spirit Water is M-State Ormus Gold water and more. It's the power of wet Ormus, without the enormus after taste. This is pure artesian spring water: high spun, magnetically vortexed and blessed sacred water. This Ormus gold water is for your mind, body and soul. This water is for you.

Each batch of Artesian Spirit Water is hand-made and blessed with integrity and intent to bring the best of life to you. This is a very unique product that must be experienced to be truly understood. I find that life is about enrichment. Vibrancy. Depth. Artesian Spirit Water enhances those qualities and brings to you monoatomic elements, without the bad taste that can be found in many Ormus gold water products. I invite you to give it a try. I think you will find that it will be a powerful addition to your life. This Ormus gold water will fill your being with energetically charge monatomic gold!

For more information on the vibrational properties of the gemstones and crystals that are used to charge Artesian Spirit water, visit the Gemstone Library.

To learn more about the creational process of this must have Ormus gold water, visit Living Water Creation.

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